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ANON VR: is a room-scale virtual and augmented reality stealth adventure game inspired by the 2018 movie ANON by director Andrew Niccol. The action adventure combines cutting-edge VR storytelling and puzzle elements with first person stealth mechanics. Players are able to interact with a virtual environment in an unprecedented degree of immersion using the latest AR technology on their mobile devices.

Our protagonist wakes up next to a dead woman, without any memory of what happened before. However, one thing is obvious, the player needs to get out of the apartment as quickly as possible. This proves challenging as the player has to first find and crack a code to open the door.

The first teaser level of ANON – published on iTunes Store and Google Play Store – was designed as an escape room game. In the levels to come the game will change to stealth mechanics.


Financially supported by FFF Bayern and BMVI.