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Welcome to K5 Factory’s Summit Hub. Successful networking, physical as much as digital, depends on an environment that offers space for personal exchange, from casual watercooler chats to professional trainings and presentations.


Immediate access to the meeting room:


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K5’s refuge is inspired by modern architecture, situated on the edge of a mountain plateau. It combines clear structures and flowing spatial transitions in a multifunctional building that fulfil and exceed the requirements of a virtual meeting place. This project is winner of an XR HUB Bavaria competition and now publicly accessible.


Requirements for users:

Suitable for all platforms supported by hubs. Getting started beyond hubs, is made easy with a range of tutorials and guided interior design for beginners.

Scene details:

Polygons: approx. 45k

File size: approx. 13 MB Recommended system requirements:

Browser Desktop: Chrome / Firefox / Safari – must support WebXR (WebGL)

Browser Mobile: Chrome / Firefox / Safari

VR: Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive

OS: Windows 7/10, Mac OS X, Android, IOS

Internet connection: WLAN / cable with +25 Mbit

Some sounds have been disabled for all devices due to lack of support for Mozilla Hubs on iOS. If this problem is solved by hubs, an updated version with sound can be provided.