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Virtual Reality is an interactive computer-generated experience within a simulated environment, delivered via head-mounted-displays. VR is completely immersive and allows for an emotional engagement which can never be achieved with 2D-displays.

VR is used not only in gaming, but also in the industry – for immersive learning simulations, as a sales tool and for marketing, to name a few. Saving money is just one of the advantages of VR.

We at K5 Factory have done many projects in VR and would be happy to talk to you about how VR can be used to your benefit.


Augmented Reality involves the superimposition of graphical elements over a real space. These are usually viewed and interacted with via mobile phones, tablets or consoles.

The biggest advantage of AR over VR is that it is more easily accessible. Thanks to enormous technological advancements almost all newer smartphones have the capability to run AR.

AR is another area of our expertise: We recently published our project “Experimenta Explorer”, an AR game/app for Germany’s biggest science center Experimenta in Heilbronn.


“Rendering” in computer graphics describes the generating of an image. Media such as animation films a pre-rendered whereas dynamic content such as computer games are rendered in real-time. Real-time rendering allows the users or even viewers to interact with the virtual environment and thus creates new possibilities in storytelling.

For the Paris Motor Show in 2018 we staged a show with real-time rendering and motion capturing. Displayed on an 18 meter-wide LED display, the show was rendered in real-time and an actor wearing a MoCap suit appeared on the screen as an avatar.

At K5 Factory we use state-of-the-art technology to create lifelike or stylized real-time worlds, customized to your needs.


Gamification describes the application of aspects of gaming to other areas of activity to make a mundane task more fun and engaging. Gamification is a powerful way of influencing user behaviour – it improves productivity, increases motivation and strengthens communication. Integrated analytics can provide data on anything from real-time feedback on individual performance to analysis across the full subject range.

Gamification is increasingly used in business for training, social influence marketing and advertising, and set to play a growing role in people’s lives in tandem with the rise of AR and VR.

Contact us and we will find ways to support your business.

Postproduction (Autodesk Flame & AFX Motion Graphics)

We are now also offering compositing, conforming,VFX, 3D effects, finishing, motion graphics, retouching, color grading and look development in 4K resolution – performed by experienced VFX artists Michael Tischner and Kessi Eberlein.

Our team taps into 25 years of experience in film (features, series, advertising) and interactive (stage shows, apps). We develop, produce and finish products, tailored to your needs.