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Virtual Reality is an interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated environment, and delivered via head-mounted-displays.


Augmented Reality involves the superimposition of graphical elements over a real space. These are usually viewed and interacted with via mobile phones, tablets or consoles.

Our first project in this realm is ANON: Escape the Murder, a first person adventure game series inspired by the world of ANON, a sci-fi noir thriller directed by critically acclaimed writer/director Andrew Niccol (known for Gattaca, In Time) and produced by K5 Film. Similar to classic VR applications but with a much lower entry threshold ANON: Escape the Murder is completely playable without the need of a headset. We call this new way of interacting with your mobile device „Handheld VR“.


In real time rendering, each image is created the moment it is visible. This gives completely new possibilities in storytelling. The viewer can become part of the story. We executed VR in real-time successfully for BMW.


Gamification is a powerful way of influencing user behaviour, it can integrate analytics to provide data on anything from real-time feedback on individual performance to analysis across the full subject range.

It is increasingly applied in business for training, social influencing and advertising, and set to play growing role in people’s lives in tandem with the rise in augmented reality and virtual reality.

ANON: Escape the Murder is our first foray into gamification based on a movie IP.

Postproduction (Autodesk Flame & AFX Motion Graphics)

We are now also offering 3D effects, finishing, compositing, offline & online editing, motion graphics, retouching, VFX, color grading, conforming, and look development in 4K resolution – performed by experienced VFX artists Michael Tischner and Kessi Eberlein. Our team taps into 25 years of experience in the fields of film (feature film, TV, advertising) and interactive (stage shows, apps). We develop, produce and finish tailored to your needs.