Team / André Rittner
André Rittner

During his studies he founded a media company with the focus on software development and filmproduction - believing early on in interactive, virtual games for industry clients which his company created for Volkswagen, Eurocard, and many more. Their integral MAM software solution including the on-demand-portal VSign was used by banks, universities and the Ministry of Defense. From 2016 till late 2018 he worked for ARRI Media, in the end in the function of Head of Creative Media Solutions. At his own initiative, ARRI implemented a VR department. He was responsible for developing and producing 360° / virtual reality content for commercial clients, events and exhibitions: amongst others the first ever VR/AR/360 production for Volkswagen, an ARRI-Omnicam-application for AUDI during the Berlin Film Festival and a 4k interactive stage-show for the presentation of the BMW 3 Series during the Paris Motor Show 2018.